English Essay on “Advertisements” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.


Essay No. 01

Advertisements play a very important part in our lives, specially now with the television loudly proclaiming the virtues of a million and one products. No matter how contemptuous we may be of them in the beginning, their mesmeric appeal captures us in the end. Advertisements are so powerful that when we are exposed to them for some time, we get thoroughly confused. They brainwash us to such an extent that we want to rush out immediately and buy the latest items available in the market. Indeed, we begin to wonder how we managed without them all this time! It is not for nothing that advertisers spend crores of rupees on advertisements. They know exactly what they are doing!

However, educated people need not behave like robots in this regard. We should understand how advertisements seek to influence us, so that we can resist them when necessary. Most advertisements appeal to us through our emotions. Fear, for instance, is the greatest play of the insurance advertisements while the entire range of cosmetic products appeal to our vanity. Human beings pay a lot of attention to personal appearances and most products are bought to pamper this trait in our nature. Advertisements for washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other time-saving devices cater to our desire to have more leisure time. Love, hate, envy, pride—all have been exploited by those who wish to sell their products. However, it is for the consumer to use his discretion and not get carried away by the media hype which assails our senses every minute of the day.


Essay No. 02



Advertisements take a variety of forms. These may be hoardings, cinema slides, radio and television, posters and pamphlets, etc. These days, quite a lot of advertisements are seen painted on the body of the elephants which are given rides in different parts of big cities. The purpose of advertisements is catching the eyes of the prospective customers. One may not directly know but the fact is that the cost of advertisements is added to the products making them costly. On the other hand, certain items like newspapers, magazines, etc., which earn considerable amount of money from advertisements, cost less to the customers. A lot of competition is generated because of advertisements. This is to the advantage of the consumers.


Essay No. 03



In the present times, advertisements are very important. It is not possible to escape advertisements. Advertisements rake many forms like hoardings on road sides, neon signs above shops, films, slides, pictures, etc. They are aimed to attract our attention. Their net effect is attacks on our pockets. A lot of money is spent on advertisements resulting in raising the cost of the products. It is estimated that, as far as, cosmetics are concerned, 25% of their cost is the amount incurred on advertisements by the manufacturers of the products. The popular the name of the product, the more will be its cost because of expenditure incurred on its advertisement. The benefits of advertisements are questionable. Not much can be said in their favor. Even there are views expressed that advertisement is a social waste. There are certain things which cost less due to advertisement. To a certain extent, advertisements ensure quality of a product. The advertisements also give rise to competition among manufactures which is beneficial for the consumers as they are offered a wider choice. A reduction in price can also be caused by advertisements.

Essay No. 04

The Advertisements

Advertisement is a device to popularize new products. It informs people about new goods, their merits and uses. In the modern age it has become the back bone of commerce and industry. It acts as a link between producer and the consumer. An advertisement should be catchy and based on human psychology. If it is for men, it should appeal to their tastes. If it is for women, it should arouse their curiosity. Goods meant for different income-groups should be advertised differently. The advertisement of car should appeal the rich. The advertisement of a safety blade should attract the attention of ordinary people.

An advertisement should be brief and to the point. Certificates of praise do not make good advertisements. An advertisement should be interesting and attractive. It should reflect the sincerity of the advertiser. The advertiser should see that the people are not befooled. He should take care that the inferior stuff is not promoted.

There are various means of advertising things. The papers and magazines are important means of advertisements. But the uneducated people and villagers have no use for such advertisements. Hand-bills, posters and sign-boards are equally powerful means of advertisement. The vehicle fitted with loud-speakers also go around to advertise things. This means of advertising is useful for those who can’t see or read.

Advertisement has both advantages and disadvantages. Its greatest advantage is that it promotes trade. It creates market and increases demand for a product. It affects the standard of living. Its greatest disadvantage is that it helps the manufacturer to cheat the public. It is used as a means of mislead simple minded people. Advertisements are now given about jobs, marriages, cars, property and other items. All advertisements should not be accepted as genuine. There is a need to be cautious against fake advertisements.

Essay No. 05


Advertisement is the most essential part of the commercial world. It is absolutely essential for new businesses to progress and survive.

Advertisement is the means by which a seller brings his products to the notice of the people. It is the means by which people are informed about a certain product.

The main thrust of the advertisement is that the public should know about the qualities of a particular product. The aim of the manufacturer is to earn profit through its product by selling its product. The advertisement company comes with such an advertisement that attracts consumers to buy their products, even if they are not interested much.

To market their products the company spends crores on an advertisement. The product is presented in such an attractive and convincing way that consumers are almost compelled to buy and the sales sore up.

On the other hand there are some advertisement which promise the buyer even beauty. A good example of that is a T.V. commercial in which a fairness cream product is advertised, which assures viewers of becoming fair in ten days even if they are dusky. The above example clearly shows that a company makes such an advertisement which promises people even impossible things and people fall for it. This shows the cleverness of the advertisers to sell their product.

Blindly believing in the advertisement can also cause harm to the buyer as he may suffer physical and monetary losses.

Finally it can be said that a buyer should buy only those products which he really needs and should also inspect the products properly before purchasing them.

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