English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 9

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

Once upon a time there lived a wizard, who used to disguise himself as a beggar, and go from house to house in search of little girls. When he found one, he would entice her away and no one could find out where they went. One day, he came to a house where there lived three pretty daughters. He disguised himself as a poor, old cripple, with a sack on his shoulder in which he could put any food given to him. As he was begging for something to eat, the eldest daughter came out, and pitying him, brought him a piece


  1. How did the wizard disguise himself?
  2. Who did he go in search of?
  3. What did he carry with him?
  4. What did the eldest daughter give him?
  5. Give the opposites of the following words: old, pretty, poor, quickly, pushed.


  1. The wizard disguised himself as a beggar.
  2. He went in search of little girls.
  3. He carried a sack with him.
  4. The eldest daughter gave him a piece of bread.
  5. old – young/new

pretty – ugly

poor – rich

quickly – slowly

pushed – pulled

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