English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 4

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

“I shall be fourteen in two weeks,” said Katy, drawing herself up in her chair as straight as she could. “And if I were well, Papa, I should be going to school, you know, and then of course I couldn’t. No, I’ll tell you my plan. I’ve been thinking about it all day. Debby and Bridget have been with us so long, that they know all Aunt Izzie’s ways, and they are such good women, that all they want is just to be told a little now and then. Now, why couldn’t they come up to me when anything is wanted —just as well as to have me go down to them? Clover and old Mary will keep watch, you know, and see if anything is wrong. And you wouldn’t mind if things were a little crooked just at first, would you? Because, you know, I should be learning all the time. Do let me try! It will be so nice to have something to think about as I sit up here alone, so much better than having a stranger in the house who doesn’t know the children or anything. I am sure it will make me happier. Please say Yes’, papa,- please, do!”

From “What Katy Did”

by Susan Coolidge


  1. When was Katy’s birthday?
  2. What plans do you think she was making?
  3. Who were Debbie and Bridget?
  4. Why was Katy sitting “up here alone”?
  5. Give the opposites of the following words: straight, good, stranger, better, happier.


  1. Katy’s birthday was after two weeks.
  2. She was making plans to look after the house.
  3. Debbie and Bridget were servants.
  4. Katy was sitting “up here alone” because she was not well and could not go downstairs.
  5. straight-crooked

good -bad

stranger – friend

better – worse

happier x- sadder

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