English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 3

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

Cold winter had passed and spring had come. Robin sat on a deer’s hide in front of the greenwood tree with his hands clasped about his knees. He lazily watched as Little John rolled a bowstring from strands of hempen thread, wetting his palms and rolling the cord on his thigh. Nearby sat Alan a Dale, fitting a new string to his harp.

As little John rubbed his new bowstring with yellow beeswax, he and Robin talked of the t merry days they had spent at the Blue Boar Inn that past winter and of the many people they had met. They began wondering which of these people led the best life. Little John said that if he were not a yeoman, he would be a travelling friar. Friar Tuck sang a song in his rich, mellow voice, telling of the life of the travelling friar. He made it seem a good life, indeed. Robin said it was a good song, but he thought that beggars told merrier tales and led a merrier life.

“What do you say to an adventure this fair day, Little John?” suggested Robin. “Take a friar’s gown from our chest of strange clothes, and I will stop the first beggar I meet and change clothes with him. Then we will wander around the country and see what happens to each of us.”

From “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”

 by Howard Pyle


  1. What were Robin, Little John and Alan a Dale doing?
  2. What did they talk about?
  3. If Little John was not a yeoman, what would he like to be?
  4. What did Robin want to be? What did he decide to do?
  5. Give the present tense of the following words: watched, began, thought, made, passed, talked.


  1. Robin was watching Little John rolling a bowstring from strands of hempen thread. Alan a Dale was fitting a new string to his harp.
  2. They talked about the happy days they had spent at the Blue Boar Inn and of the people they had met. 3. If Little John had not been a yeoman, he would have liked to be a travelling friar.
  3. Robin wanted to be a beggar. He decided to change clothes with a beggar and wander all over the countryside.

5.watched — watch

Made- make

Began- begin

Passed- pass

thought — think

talked- talk

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