English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 2

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

In the old days when countrywomen wore riding-hoods to keep themselves warm and dry as they rode to the market, there was a child little Village near the Low Forest, who was very vain. She was so vain she couldn’t even pass a puddle without peeping down into it at her apple-red cheeks and yellow hair. She could be happy for hours together with nothing but a comb and a glass; and then would sit at the window for people to see her. Nothing pleased her better than fine clothes, and when she was seven, having seen a strange woman riding by on horseback, she suddenly had a violent longing for just such a riding-hood as hers and that was of a scarlet cloth with strings.

After this, she gave her mother no peace, but begged and pestered her continually, and flew into a passion or sulked when she said no. One day a pedlar came to the village, and among the rest of his wares showed her mother a strip of scarlet cloth which he could sell cheap. Partly to please the child and partly to get a little peace, she bought a few yards of this cloth, and herself cut out and stitched up midget size and with ribbons for strings.


  1. What did countrywomen wear in the old days?
  2. What did the little girl look like?
  3. How old was she when she saw the scarlet riding-hood?
  4. Why did the mother stitch the hood?
  5. Can you guess from which story this passage has been taken?


  1. In the old days, countrywomen wore riding-hoods.
  2. The little girl had rosy cheeks and golden hair.
  3. She was seven years old when she saw the scarlet riding-hood.
  4. The mother stitched the hood partly to please the child and partly to get some peace.
  5. This passage has been taken from the famous fairy-tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

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