English Comprehension Easy and Short Passage Reading with Questions and Answers for class 7, 8, 9, 10 12, Exercise 10

Read the following passage and try to answer the questions given below:

When Heidi awoke, on her first morning in Frankfurt, she could not understand what she saw. She rubbed her eyes hard, then looked up again; everything was the same. She was sitting in a high white bed in a large room; where the light came in through long, long white curtains; close by stood two chairs with large flowers on them; then there was a sofa with the same flowers, and a round table in front of it, and in the corner was a wash stand on which were things that Heidi had never seen before)

Suddenly she remembered that she was in Frankfurt, and everything that had happened the day before came back to her mind; and finally she recalled quite clearly the lady’s instructions, as far as she had heard them.

Heidi jumped from the bed and dressed herself. She went first to one window and then to the other, for she wanted to see the sky and earth outside; she felt as if she were in a cage behind the long curtains. She could not push them aside, so she crawled in behind them in order to reach the window. But this was so high that her head hardly came up far enough to let her see out. Heidi did not find what she was looking for. She ran from one window to the other and then back again; but there*was always the same thing before her eyes—walls and windows, and then walls and then windows again.


  1. Where was Heidi?
  2. Describe the room in which she found herself
  3. What did Heidi want to see?
  4. Why was she not able to see them?
  5. What did she see instead?


  1. Heidi was in Frankfurt.
  2. The room in which she found herself was large. It had long white curtains at the windows, two chairs and a sofa with big flowers made on them, and a round table in front. In a corner was a wash stand.
  3. Heidi wanted to see the sky and the earth.
  4. She was not able to see them because the windows were too high.
  5. Instead of the sky and earth she saw only walls and windows.

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