Dialogue Writing on “Between two Students immediately on coming out of the examination hall” for Class 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 Students.

Between two Students immediately on coming out of the examination hall.

Naresh: Hello, Ganesh! How did you fare in the examination?

Ganesh: Oh! I? Not so well.

Naresh: Strange!

Ganesh: Why strange?

Naresh: You are such a brilliant student. Moreover, you worked for a very hard year.

Ganesh: 0.K.! O.K.! But you know.

Naresh: What?

Ganesh: The fact is …. you must have realized that the paper was too hard.

Naresh: Of course, for me. But how about you? You know everything.

Ganesh: It’s another myth like all others. Probably the paper-setter had chosen to display his own knowledge of the subject. Besides Question No. 5 is out of the syllabus. Who bothers for the career of students?

Naresh: But you’ll get the first class?

Ganesh: Maybe. But not above 65%.

Naresh: Don’t worry, dear! Look at me, I only want to pass.

Ganesh: But fellows like you are dark horses. You may surpass me this time.

Naresh : (laughs loudly) I and to surpass you? Ganesh, you are joking? At most I’ll get second class marks. Have I ever secured more than 55%?

Ganesh: This time it may be an exception.

Naresh: All right! All right! Have fun to your heart’s content.

Ganesh: Let’s talk of something else.

Naresh: Like to go to the theatre tonight?

Ganesh: Yea!

Naresh: Settled?

Ganesh: Yea!

Naresh : 0.K. Bye! Bye!

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