A Festival -Deepawali, Complete 400 Words English Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.

A Festival -Deepawali

Indian calendar has almost every day as festival and it expects people to celebrate each day but some important festivals occupy an important place in the list. It is one of the four important festivals of the Indians. This significant day describes the return of Lord Rama from exile to Ayodhya. It further tells that people lighted candles and lights to welcome their Maharaja. The normal traders celebrate it by performing puja of Lakshmiji and Kuber. They start the new books the next day.

Sikhs celebrate it as a day of Guru Deeksha and they decorate the main Gurudwaras very intensively. Deepawali festival mostly comes in the month of November. The harvesting time closes and the crop is received in the houses of farmers. This is the time when farmers get time to clean and whitewash their houses. They perform Puja and plan for the next year.

Deepawali celebration has further addition to exchange mitts and costly presents. Some people play cards and gamble at this festival. They waste and spoil the glamour of the festival. Our celebration should be to eradicate bad customs of the festivals. Festivals are actually to facilitate pleasures after the tiresome and hectic life of business or agriculture.

Deepmala of candles or diyas provides jobs to millions of people. It feeds the families of handicraft workers. Cotton wick burning in mustard oil affects the eyes for weak eyesight. The present celebrations are tarnished when we find very rotten sweets being sold in the market and the consumers are exposed to all sorts of infections and health problems. There should be strict supervision on the trade.

Children enjoy Deepawali by burning crackers and bomb blasts of potash. The storage and manufacturing is mostly done in the city and quite often the places catch fire and burn the nearby markets also. This is highly dangerous and deplorable. There should be a mass protest against this bad feature. People should be discouraged when they opt to waste all their best earnings in no time. This does not befit a struggling nature, which fights for every penny in the world of comparison and competition. Provision of gifts and sweets should be for poor and down-trodden. They wait for the day when people will have a merciful attitude for them also.

This will be the most decent way to celebrate Deepawali and all the best prayers and blessings will be offered by the masses to the hearts full of mercy and love.

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