Write an Invitation Letter to your friend for Birthday Party

Invitation to a Birthday Party


6 June,19…

Dear Madhu,

On the 26th June this year I shall have completed yet another year of my life. I shall be 25! That’s a silver Jubilee, isn’t it? I am holding a little party and get-together for my colleagues and near and dear ones. How could I possibly leave you out? The party would be a ‘damp squib’ (If you know it means a flop or failure) without your playing the electric guitar and regaling us with anecdotes about college days.

Do come Madhu for old time’s sake. Don’t embarrass me by bringing gifts.

Yours truly good friend,


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Rourkela 16 June, 19…

Dearest Preeti,

You were never a great one for throwing parties because you feel shy of the attention of young men. So I’m a bit surprised. I wonder whether you want to use this party to hunt for a male companion? Not a bad idea. Don’t mind my bantering you. After all, I always derived pleasure from teasing you even during college days.

Let me tell you I am coming with guitar, banjo and synthesizer to cater to different tastes. I’ve recently picked up some rap music too. We’ve formed a music group.

So best of luck !

Yours truly,






Dear Preeti,

O that Wishes  had wings and I could fly to you now and strum away on my guitar. Unluckily, the 26th of June is the day the I.I.T. is having its first examination. You know very well I can’t change the schedule. So I can’t come.

I’ll be with you in heart and mind. I’m sending you a cassette of my guitar strummings of old Hindi classics. You may play them on your deck and imagine I’m there.

Love to Babli, Uncle end Aunty.

Your dear,


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