Write an Invitation Letter to your friend for a Kitty Party – Informal Letter

Invitation to a Kitty Party


6 Dec, 19…

Dear Mamta,

Our next kitty party is going to be held at Mrs. Bhanumati’s place at 16, Pandiwadi at 6 p.m. on coming Sunday.

This time there should be no excuse for your not attending. Now your son is well and your husband has a short holiday to take care of him. You should allow Deepak to do some baby-sitting and learn how it feels to mother a child.

Kola and Mayamati are going to display some items from their boutique and are ready to give them away at throwaway prices. If you’re interested in some jewellery or in ethnic handicrafts for interior decor you can pick some export quality items here.

The usual tambola, tea and dance and the chit-chat are there on the agenda without saying.

Give my ‘hello’ to Mr. Handsome and don’t be that jealous!

Yours wickedly,

Babs (Babita).



10 Dec, 19:..

Dear Babs,

It was so exciting to read your letter. I could hear your endless voice chattering away with sweet-nothings. I know you want me at the party, but this time too, I can’t…

You may think I have a whole bag of excuses. But I dare you to say this is a lame excuse. I’m going to have My second baby any day anytime and then I shan’t be able to stir out of the house for some days.

But you’re most welcome to ring me up once my phone is working and tell me all that expired at the party. I wish I could be present in spirit form and teach that awful Mrs. Mehra a lesson or two for boasting about her husband.

Best of luck and thanks a lot.


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