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Invitation to Visit a Village


16 May, 19…

Dear Sir,

I am sure you haven’t forgotten your not-so-innocent, pranky, queer student Neelima Kujur. You taught me my most feared subject mathematics at St. Aloysius School, Ranchi for 3 years.

I hear from a friend that you will be retiring by the end of this month. Sir, may I take the courage to invite you to my small village, Majhwari for a fortnight’s stay? It will help you to tide over your initial retirement blues and I shall be able to hear your little moral lessons which I liked more than the Cos and Sine.

Majhwari is a little village in Himachal Pradesh. All you have to do is to catch the Hatia Amritsar Express to New Delhi. Then change to a train to Pathankot. At Pathankot you will get a connecting bus to Joginder Nagar. I shall receive you at the bus-stop here if you could chalk out your tour plan. Kindly leave return journey reservation to me.

Majhwari is situated amongest scenic hills and a quiet river runs nearby. The main occupation of the people here is agriculture. There are orchards of tea and walnuts. Cattle and sheep rearing are common. There are temples all around on hill-tops. The weather in June is quite bracing and pleasant.

Kindly do not disappoint me, Sir.

Yours affectionately,

Neelima Kujur.




Dear Neelima,

What a surprise to receive a letter from you. How could I ever forget that pair of mischievous eyes and those innocent practical jokes. You may not have been an expert in math’s but you were an interesting and quick-witted girl. I wonder whether you are married and who could be the boy who took up the challenge!

Thank you for your kind thoughts on,my retirement and the invitation to visit your village.

Unfortunately next Month my daughter has already reserved my stay at her place in Dehradoon. But if it is not inconvenient to you, I shall plan a tour to your place towards the end of June with my ‘daughter Pratima to guide me. You know I’m an avid botanist also and love collecting plant specimens. Perhaps my visit to the village may bring me some botanical gifts. Do reply.

Thank you, Neelima. Do reply

Yours truly,

Vinode Thakur.

Reply to Acceptance Letter



Respected Sir,

I am elated by your acceptance of my offer though you will come a bit later. All June is pleasant here before the rains and landslides set in. My uncle and servant will accompany you on your botanical expeditions. I shall, too, though just for the sake of your wonderful company. I am keeping some hill mushrooms for you. They have just flowered in our backyard.

Yours truly,


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