Write an application to secure a scholarship. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write an application to secure a scholarship.

944 Sector 15 K


April 2, 20xx

Mr. Ratan Bhardwaj

Chairman, Bhardwaj Educational Trust

42-S.M. Road



I learn from your announcement in The Hindustan Times that you are awarding a number of scholarships to poor, deserving students.

I beg to apply for one of them. I am 16 years old and studying in standard X of S.P. High School. My father died about five years ago. I have a younger brother who is studying in standard V. My mother has to work hard to bring us up and to provide for our education. I am afraid that unless I secure some help from you, I shall have to give up my studies and seek employment.

I trust that you will award me a monthly scholarship till I pass the Higher Secondary Examination.

Yours faithfully

(Ms) Geetika Garg

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