Write an Application for the post of a Teacher.

Write an Application for the post of a Teacher.

4, Cornwallis Road,


8th March, 2010


The Director of Education,

Government of Uttar Pradesh,



Having come to know from a reliable source that there are a few vacancies of Secondary School Teachers in your State under the Second Five Year Plan. I beg to apply for one of them in view of my qualifications mentioned below.

  1. I graduated from Agra University last year with Civics, and Economics as my optional subjects.
  2. I obtained the Diploma in Teaching from the Basic Teachers’ Training College, Lucknow, this year, securing high second class marks.
  3. Ever since my childhood I have had a craving for the teaching profession and I have equipped myself with the requisite qualifications to fulfil my ambition in this respect accordingly.

During my Diploma Course I took special interest in the practical side of teaching and during my training period in Government Secondary School Kanpur, taught the students with zeal and vigour.

The students were perfectly satisfied with my method of teaching and understood me thoroughly and easily. I am attaching with this application a testimonial from the Government Secondary School in support of my statement above.

  1. During my Diploma Courses I have studied child psychology with good interest and have followed it up by applying the principles of child psychology to my students. Luckily enough I have met with good results in this respect.
  2. Born to teach I am confident of my spirit of selfless service which is most necessary for this profession. I can take good pains to prepare my lessons for effective teaching in the class.
  3. In view of the facts mentioned above I hope you will not deny me the chance to prove that I possess the requisite taste and spirit for teaching. I am just asking for a chance to be of use to my country and the nation.

Yours faithfully,

Radha Verma

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