Write a reply to your father’s letter of consolation.

Write a reply to your father’s letter of consolation.

C/A 116, Shalimar Bagh


15 June, ………..

My dear Father

I offer my obeisance to you. Yesterday I received your consolatory letter which has instantly brought me out of the clouds of depression overcasting my heart and soul. I had plunged into amusements, squandering away your hard-earned money. I had forgotten the value of time and devoted myself to the pleasures of life. My failure in the examination is due to my carelessness and negligence.

But now I may assure you that I shall leave no stone unturned in devoting myself to my studies. By virtue of your blessings, I hope to get first division. You have rightly said that this year I’ll tap out the areas of weakness in all subjects. By all possible means, I shall come back home to meet all the members of the family. You need not be anxious about me.

Convey my kind regards to mummy & love to Munni and Guddu.

Your obedient son


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