Write a love letter to your beloved.

Write a love letter to your beloved.

16 Prince Hotel


15 June, …..

My Heartthrob

I hope this letter of mine will find you in cheerful spirits. Hardly have two days passed since I came here from Jaipur. But I feel as if two years had gone by. The heat of Jaipur was much better than this attractive place of Mussoorie, giving the happy coolness because there I could sometimes see your benign face.

Since I came to know that you were coming to Mussoorie during the summer holidays, I made a programme to come here. But the funny thing is that I have reached here earlier than you. In fact, here the weather is worthy of you. Your memory has been tantalizing me, particularly in the bright moonlight. I miss you very badly in this frenzied, exciting natural beauty.

The black and white clouds adorn this place anew daily. There is some magic about them. Touching gently our cheeks, it is felt as if they were cotton balls. Sometimes these clouds envelop the whole Mussoorie and in no time they rise up into the sky and sail away. It is a worth seeing scene.

Here the whole environment is romantic. Sarita is also here in the company of Ramesh. Yesterday I had tea with them. Both of them were enquiring about you. What reply could I give? So I evaded their question.

Now I long to see you here instead of receiving any reply from you. Here the magical clouds are waiting for you. The moonlight without you is a faded one and skating hall is also unromantic without you. All these are beckoning you to arrive at this place. Come sooner than the letter.

Deeply curious to see you.

Yours, ever


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