Write a love letter to your beloved.

Write a love letter to your beloved.


15 June,…

Dear Sweetheart

A lot of love to you! I had been thinking of writing a letter to you for a long time, but I lacked the required spirit. Anyhow, after mustering up the courage. I am writing this letter to you, expressing my innermost feelings. My Rajanigandha! You have been studying in my college for the past three years. During these years we got umpteen opportunities to understand each other better. Many a time you have played the role of a heroine with me in numberless dramas organised by Hindi Parishad. And now this love-acting has become the base of my life. My heart tells me that I should make you my better half.

After reading my letter, you will perhaps think what a queer person I am. Without seeking your opinion, I have laid a claim upon you. Maybe, you have somebody else in your heart as your life companion. But my heart denies it to be so. Your boundless love for me is a witness to the fact that you will not turn down my proposal.

My love! It will be the fulfillment of my aim of life to get such a well-cultured person like you as my spouse. At the same time, I assure you that I shall give no cause of trouble to you. I shall be no hindrance at all in the way of your independent thinking.

My heartthrob! In my eyes, a wife is the means of fulfillment of life. She is not an immovable property, but wealth, a bottomless ocean of precious stones. You are really an ocean of jewels for me. Now I want to collect all these and hide them in my heart so that no one can snatch them away from me.

My true heart! We shall have a small house to live in. It will be full of the currents of love and affection. We shall build this abode by means of our love and then it will have an eternal creeper bearing fruit.

This is the dream of a person who is madly in love with you. Will you concretise it?

I have a lot to say in this letter. But I fear your wrath, if I receive its reply from you, I shall feel gratified.

Your everlasting lover


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