Write a letter to your younger sister about your trip to South India.

Write a letter to your younger sister about your trip to South India.


18 October

Dear Kusum

May God bless you with happiness! We are all well here and I hope you will all be in cheerful spirits. I had been thinking of writing a letter to you for a long time, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get time to do so. Now I am writing this letter to you after getting some time with difficulty. In a very few days, we saw a lot. There would be no exaggeration in saying that we toured the whole of South India. Here the temples are grand and majestic. We saw decorative stone carvings, beautiful idols of gods and goddesses-symbols of ancient art, and brahmins smearing their forehead with three streaks. Of all the places in South India, I liked Mysore the most. It is said to be “Nandan Forest’. The beautiful sky-touching palaces, beautiful gardens, wide and open royal roads feasted our eyes. We went to see “Ooty cataract’ which is the best in India. It is a very attractive place where a cool breeze blows all the time. To tell the truth, dear Kusum, I have lost my heart to this hill station.

After this, we went round Madras. Here wide roads and titanic buildings look majestic. Walking upon sea beaches affords us a peculiar kind of pleasure. There are very small, small gardens which are pregnant with sonorous songs in the evening. Would that you were with me!

Mamma had made some laddoos with gram flour for us. She also gave us some packets of snacks. They proved to be of immense use to us in our journey. Tomorrow we are going to Rameshwaram after visiting Mahabalipuram. We shall be able to return only after two weeks.

Kindly convey my greetings to parents. For you, I have bought beautiful things from each place. It is almost late in the night. I shall write to you on some other occasion.

Your elder brother

Pramod Kumar

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