Write a letter to your younger brother, telling him about the harmful effects of evil company.

Write a letter to your younger brother, telling him about the harmful effects of evil company.

Ram Niwas


14 November, ……

Dear Kapil

May you live long! I hope you are in cheerful spirits. Just now I have received a letter from the Principal of your school. It is painful to know that these days you are suffering from the fever of evil company. This is the reason why the result of your examination has been far from satisfactory. Kapil, you are just an immature person. You are unaware of the fact that this is the very seed ground of your career. If you squander away your precious time on keeping bad company and if you fall a victim of vicious habits, you will be wandering away throughout your life and success will not be at your door.

Dear, brother! The fever of evil company is most dreadful. Howsoever a person is learned and wise, he who enters this dark room cannot help remaining unaffected by it. Those who are eclipsed by bad company squander away their time and money, and then they repent. The evil company gives birth to bad habits like telling lies, stealing, drinking, gambling and leading a luxurious life. Those who embrace them once can never get rid of them. Such people are despised. They lose the confidence of others. Even the members of the family shun them and they also look down upon them. They are dishonoured everywhere and nobody sympathises with them. Even the most ordinary men misbehave with them. Such people’s lives become meaningless and painful.

Its impact on students is bitterer. No student, howsoever he may be sharp-minded, can ever attain learning if he is afflicted with bad company. Evil habits, like a canker, eat away the fiber of his intelligence. Every year in the examination failure kisses his feet. Not only have the members of his family but also his teachers begun to look at him with scornful eyes. Its resultant effect is the discontinuation of studies. There is a stumbling block even in the marriage alliances of such sons and daughters. They are deprived of their right of inheritance to property. In such a state of affairs, their life becomes hell-like and they soon fall into the clutches of premature death.

Kapil, there are umpteen drawbacks of bad company. But whatever I have brought to the limelight, I hope you will learn a lesson from it. I am sure you will bid adieu to the evil ways of life and lead the life of an ideal student. I hope you will never give a chance of complaint to anybody in future.

Your elder brother


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