Write a letter to your wife from Tihar Jail as you are a political prisoner imprisoned there.

Write a letter to your wife from Tihar Jail as you are a political prisoner imprisoned there.


Tihar Prison Tihar,


27 December, …

Dear Savi

Lots of love to you! This is the third week passing since I came here. I am experiencing an eerie feeling in life. I feel neither the pangs nor the pleasures of having lived with you. I have no words to express this queer state of my mind. Anyhow, time passes while debating with my fellow prisoners or holding consultations with them. This is the reason why the inconveniences of prison don’t seem to be any inconvenience to me. We have a noble aim for which we have been put in the so-called guest house by the government, for which we find ourselves between behind the bar and the silent sky-touching buildings all around and for which I have come out of the pleasures of your company. Even the feeling to sacrifice my tiny, insignificant life for this noble cause is gaining momentum. But don’t get upset after reading these lines because it is impossible to do so.

Dear Savi! Sometimes I come across certain moments of life when I get perplexed on thinking of you. I begin to think of the family and its inconveniences. They shake me to the backbone. If there is any trouble in this prison, it is only this. Except this, there are pleasures and pleasures of life. As the day dawns, birds begin to warble. On hearing their Twitter, my heart begins to dance with joy, and then I don’t know how time passes. There is no trouble of any kind then.

There is no change in the policy of the government. Maybe, our movement may last for a longer time and also gain reinforcement.

You will unnecessarily feel inconvenient if you come to meet me here. There is no particular difficulty in meeting me. If you want, you should come to meet me before noon.

Love to Kavita.

Yours, etc.


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