Write a letter to your uncle about the flood-hit people.

Write a letter to your uncle about the flood-hit people.

E 111, Model Town


28 September……

My dear Uncle

Perhaps you know that this year had witnessed a great flood in Delhi. All the villages around Delhi were submerged in water. Even a large part of the city was deluged. No doubt, flood is seen every year, but our Model Town was never its victim. It’s a different thing that sometimes a little quantity of water does enter. But this time it has gone beyond the limit. The whole Model Town was submerged. A pre-warning about the flood had been given, but we did not take it seriously. Some people had, of course, left the place but the majority of the people did not budge from here.

We people had gone to sleep at night. There was a lot of noise around us. When we woke up, we saw water had entered the house. We got up at once, took with us some necessary things, and went to the topmost floor. We had to spend their six days and six nights. There was no current in the town. We ran short of the food-stuff even. We received packets that were dropped from the helicopter. It lasted with us for some time. We were all panic-stricken and hung between life and death. There was water and water all around. The flow of water was very swift. The first floor was completely underwater. Then by and by water subsided and at last the danger of flood was over.

There were heaps of rubbish and mud. The whole area was stinking. People were vaccinated. They fell ill also. A cleanliness drive was launched. With great difficulty, after a good deal of time, we have been able to come back to our normal life. Now everything is all right here.

With regards to uncle and aunt.

Love to Rajeev and Sanjeev.

Yours, etc

Shreya Rastogi

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