Write a letter to your spouse who has gone to her mother’s house.

Write a letter to your spouse who has gone to her mother’s house.


January 4, …..

Dear Rashmi

With lots of love to you! Although a little time of separation from you has passed yet I have begun to feel that many months have elapsed. The whole flat is in a mess. Even if I look for anything, I don’t find it. I get late for the factory. Even food has become tasteless. The truth is that you are the very soul of the house and a house without a spirit is nothing but a cremation ground.

Some hours of the day are managed to be spent in the noise of the machinery and the working of the factory. But when the sun sets I don’t feel like returning home. The very dullness of the house hangs heavily upon my heart. How strange it is that when you and

Jyotsna were here, there was pleasantness and colourness all around! But now without both of you, the whole house is desert-like and solitary. My mother always complains that I have forgotten to come back to the house. Now you yourself tell me how I should remove her complaint, what I should do in this deserted flat surrounded by the pomp and show of the city.

On reaching your mother’s house, you might have been passing your happy time in the frolicsome company of your friends. How is Jyotsna? I hope she doesn’t bother you. Does she ever remember me or not? On my behalf, you imprint my kiss on her tomato-like cheeks. Here I am doing so on her image imaginatively. Maybe, you will take a few days more to return home. I’ll myself try to reach you by air by next Sunday.

Please convey my best regards to mummy and Papa, and tender love to Lalita.

Yours, etc


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