Write a letter to your son, Rohan about the well-disciplined, regulated life.

Write a letter to your son, Rohan about the well-disciplined, regulated life.

1 Ansari Road Daryaganj,

New Delhi-110002

31 January, …

Dear Rohan

I hope this letter of mine will find you in cheerful spirits. Today I received your long-awaited letter, the contents of which fills me with joy to learn that you are leading a methodical life in your hostel. It’s a matter of deep contentment to think that in a very few days you will learn many good things about good conduct and duty consciousness. Student life is the very stepping-stone of future life. Those who learn how to set their feet upon it achieve success in life. They don’t experience any kind of suffering. All the great men of the world have understood the importance of this essence in life. Our progress depends upon nothing else but this.

As I have learnt from your previous letter, the schedule of your hostel life is fully well-knit & well-linked. This is really very good for you. If you start walking upon the path of a regulated life from now onward, you will have a comfortable and happy future life. Only those people whose life is well-organized can do something substantial in this world. They automatically achieve orderliness in life. This is the very key to success in all shades of life.

Orderliness is man’s great virtue. Those who possess this quality are the forward runners in the race of civilization and culture. It takes our demeanour to a high pitch and gets us a special place of honour in the society. Disorderliness makes a man an animal. We can keep ourselves fit physically and mentally by leading a regulated life. This should be regarded as the main source of our success and we should make our sincere efforts for its development. Rest is O.K. Your mother sends her blessings to you and let me convey Munna’s greetings to you. Take care of your health. Please write if you need anything.

Your well-wisher

Yogeshwar Chandra

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