Write a letter to your son informing him that his marriage has been fixed.

Write a letter to your son informing him that his marriage has been fixed.

9, Rashmi Kunj


18 May,

Dear Lalit

I hope this letter of mine will find you in blooming health and cheerful spirits. For the past two fortnights, I have not received any welfare letter from you – a cause of anxiety for all of us here. We expect at least a weekly letter of welfare from you.

At the insistence of your mother, this letter is being written to you with a specific purpose. As soon as the result of your M.A. Examination is declared, you’ll get a job. The certainty of your livelihood and your mother’s constant ill-health have obliged me to fix your marriage. In this connection, many proposals came from various places. Somehow or the other, I managed to bypass all of them, but I could say ‘No’ to Babu Gopi Nath. You know it very well that I have most intimate friendly relations with him. Then his daughter, Kanu Priya, has been known to you, she has been four childhood friend. This year she has appeared in the examination of M.A., (First Year) in Economics. The girl is beautiful and of gentle nature. She is adept in household work also. Since she has stayed with her maternal uncle for the past five years, you have not been able to see her. Your engagement has been fixed for June 20. As you receive my letter, you should hasten to come back home.

I am sure you’ll have no remonstrance in accepting Kanu Priya as your better half. Even then I feel it necessary that this marriage alliance be stamped with your assent at the earliest.

Waiting anxiously for your reply.

Yours affectionately

Aman Kumar

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