Write a letter to your son-in-law about the family feud.

Write a letter to your son-in-law about the family feud.


20 December,

My dear Kumar

May God bless you with long life & eternal happiness! I received your letter two days ago. Whatever fear I had has come true. Prem told me nothing but from his facial expression, I judged that there was something wrong at the bottom. On receiving the letter, I have somewhat become familiar with the reality. I have talked with Prem also about this matter. Now only after hearing from you, it can be decided who is at fault in reality and what factors are responsible for the feud. As far as my understanding goes, I would definitely like to say that it is in the fitness of things to nip it in the bud. You yourself are a man of understanding and the master of the house too. It is only your responsibility to maintain peace in the house. We are ever ready to give our cooperation to you with pleasure if you need in discharging your duties.

I have made Prem also understand things and I would like to say to you also that while living in the family there is every possibility of the occurrence of misunderstanding and quarrel. But such things find their solution without making any conscious effort and nobody else comes to know of it. How can anybody else solve the wrangle between husband and wife? Yes, one thing is certain that it becomes a matter of mockery. In such a situation the whole thing coming to friction gets spoiled. Outside, some people will speak in your favour and others in my favour. They have no other aim but to enjoy the scene after adding fuel to the fire.

In the end, it is my request to you to come over here without any delay. Father-in-law’s house is your own house. If you arrive here, it will add to your grace. However, I have no problem coming to Delhi. It involves no question of my honour or dishonour. But, my son, if the privacy of the house is disturbed, it is certainly not in the interest of a civilized family.

You are wise enough to understand things. If you wish, you can inform me.

Let me convey to you the blessings of Prem’s mother.

Waiting for your letter in reply.

Your well-wisher

Siyaram Gupta

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