Write a letter to your pupil in reply to his previous letter.

Write a letter to your pupil in reply to his previous letter.

Meerut University


August 3, ……

Dear Prabhat Kumar

Be happy ever! I received your letter dated 28 July. I feel extremely happy to read that you have passed B.A. in the first division. It was almost definite for talented and industrious students like you to get 1st division but its complete surety is determined by its result.

You have sought my advice regarding the selection of subject for M.A and you have also expressed your interest in Economics. In my view, the study of the subject in which you are deeply interested will be useful for you. But these days people take into consideration another factor also and it is which subject is likely to make one’s future bright. Keeping this in mind, I shall suggest to you that if you do M.A. in Hindi or Sanskrit, it will be better and more profitable for you.

Since your future wants you to do M.A. from Delhi University, it is better if you meet the Principal there and seek his advice also

Rest is O.K. If you feel the need of my advice, write a letter to me. When you come to Meerut, you should meet me.

Your well-wisher

Arun Kumar

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