Write a letter to your ‘magazine’ friend in reply to his previous letter.

Write a letter to your ‘magazine’ friend in reply to his previous letter.

Gomati Kuteer

Trivandrum 18 May,

Dear Atul

Please accept my loving greetings. I hope you will be fine by the grace of God. I received your letter dated 5 May and along with it four photographs and a published painting also. Both the things are to my great liking. You are, indeed, adept not only in painting but also in photography.

Of all these, the photograph of the Lodhi Tomb is really very beautiful. There is a happy blend of light & shadow in it, which is very attractive. The photograph of playing children looks like a living one. I saw a specimen of your painting also. Your brush has sketched the real picture of today’s burning problem. You should have got the first prize for this by all means.

It is my ardent wish that you should become a great painter of this generation, on attaining adulthood. According to your wish, I am sending some photos of Trivandrum and two photos of the sunrise and the sunset at Kanyakumari. These photographs cannot stand equal to your photographs but at least they can serve your purpose.

Please write to me about the camera which you used in order to take such beautiful photographs. My camera has become old. I want to buy a new one. The photographs which I have taken by using that camera are before you. If possible, please send some photographs of sightseeing spots of Delhi and also of the Himalayas. I shall send you some more photographs of my place the next week.

I hope you will dispatch me your views about my photography. Waiting for a reply to my letter.

Your well-wisher


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