Write a letter to your lover in reply to his letter.

Write a letter to your lover in reply to his letter.


24 June, …..

My dear Atul

When, all of a sudden, I received your lovelorn letter, I found myself in amazement. I had never expected even in my dream that you could bear so much love for me. The aim of my life is very high and to give any place for the bondage of love in it will be a premature task. Nor does it lie in my power to decide upon this matter. My respected mother has brought me to this worthy stage after facing many odds of life. Now it is my duty to do something for her as well as for the country after receiving my education,

My love! Don’t feel dismayed. In my eyes, marriage is a trifling. It involves the wastage of time. I don’t think it is the fulfilment of a woman’s life. You had better, therefore, brush it aside from your mind. But it does not mean that my sincerity towards you has come to its termination or that I am not willing to give my cooperation to you in noble deeds of life.

Atul! Finding yourself in my company, you have thought of dedicating yourself to the public welfare. In this field, I am not lagging behind you. I am an independent person. My mother has taught me how to live in this illusory world. I shall cooperate with you in every work of yours. Be assured about it.

Yes, one thing more which I was going to forget to tell you. You are worthy of Archana and she also loves you from the core of her heart. Besides this, both of you belong to a well-off family. I may assure you that there will be no obstacle of any kind in your marriage. If you permit me, I shall take this pious task in my hand.

My mummy is curious to meet you. If possible, get time to come to my poor house for dinner.

Waiting for your letter in reply.

With love Yours lovingly


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