Write a letter to your Lankan friend about the prosperity of the country conditioned by the removal of English and Anglicanism.

Write a letter to your Lankan friend about the prosperity of the country conditioned by the removal of English and Anglicanism.


16 August, ……

Dear Friend

Please accept my loving greetings. I hope you will be fine by the grace of God. A few days ago I got your letter. I feel overjoyed to know that the government of Sri Lanka has declared that within the scheduled time the national language, Sinhali will be adopted to do all the government proceedings and affairs. More than this, I have felt happier to read that the govt. of Sri Lanka has issued orders to all her employees to get the working knowledge of Sinhali language within a year. Those who fail to do so within the stipulated period will be dismissed from service. It will definitely cause some inconvenience to some Sri Lankans who are under the evil influence of English and Anglicanism. But how long will it continue like this? How long can we place the destiny of our country in the hands of a few English-loving people?

Dear! The govt. of your country has taken a bold step in this field and she will definitely give it a practical shape also. But in this matter the Indian govt. is in the doldrums. More than five decades have already passed since India got independence. In 1950 when the Indian constitution was framed, Hindi was accepted as the national language by it. At that time fifteen years seemed to be a long duration for English to be replaced by Hindi. But despite the expiry of these years, Hindi has not yet received its due place.

In our country, the Indians who are in excessive love with English and Anglicanism want to stick to it. In such a situation we are, of course, politically free but mentally we are still slaves. Today all the problems are considered from the viewpoint of Anglicanism. We still look towards others in all fields. Whenever any problem stands before us with its terrible mouth wide open, we begin to look towards the west. This situation is really very miserable and terrible.

It applies not only to India but all the Asian countries too. The westerners ruled over nearly whole Asia for centuries together and exploited these countries. We cannot help but admire the diplomacy of western countries in this field. In order to keep their sovereignty stable and permanent in Asian countries, they propagated their language, religion and culture so that these things could sway over the minds of the people of those countries. As a result, the Asians stopped thinking freely and independently. They began to look towards their foreign rulers for everything.

Although the Asian countries are getting freedom from the bondage of foreigners yet mental slavery still persists. Until we get freedom from our mental slavery, we cannot develop and progress independently in any field.

Now, first of all it is imperative to end the submissive reverence shown to English and Englishism in Asian countries. Only then the Asian countries can leave an imprint of their true identity in the political, economic, social and cultural fields and thereby develop. It is hoped that you will fully subscribe to my views expressed in this letter.

Your confidant

Vishwas Gupta

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