Write a letter to your friend, Praveen, expressing your grief over the death of his wife.

Write a letter to your friend, Praveen, expressing your grief over the death of his wife.

C8, Model Town


April 13,

Dear Praveen

Please accept my loving greetings. I feel shocked to know about the death of Suman’s sister-in-law caused by her cardiac arrest. What consolation can I give: you in such a kind of bereavement? The very house which was full of joys and happiness of life till yesterday is now lying desolate and hangs heavily upon you. You must be haunted by the countless remembrances of her fragrant love. When I find myself so much afflicted with pangs of separation, what will be your state of mind? When I think of this, my heart comes to my lips. I feel helpless and miserable to alleviate your sorrows.

Dear friend! The sister-in-law was like the goddess of wealth. During her lifetime you were like a free bird and you were unworried about the household affairs. Now you will have to look after that also. You will have to take care of what lay in her custody. You will have to play the role of a mother also besides being a father so that the innocent child may not feel the pain of separation from its mother. For this, you will have to be patient. There is no other alternative except this.

Praveen! Suman’s sister-in-law has left this world forever. She cannot be brought back to life in any way. Now only the sign of her memory lingers with us and it is Kavita. You should bring her up in such a way that the name of sister-in-law remains forever in this world. This will keep her soul in peace and your attention will also be diverted.

Inform me the moment you need my possible cooperation. It would be better if you come to my house for a few days along with Kavita. This will make you feel relieved. I shall anxiously wait for you,

Life is the other name of struggle. A man’s true character is tested on its anvil. Now you should keep forbearance at such a critical time. Rest on meeting you.

Yours lovingly


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