Write a letter to your friend, Mukul giving an account of the Republic Day Parade.

Write a letter to your friend, Mukul giving an account of the Republic Day Parade.

D-1/114, Lajpat Nagar

New Delhi

27 January, ……

Dear Mukul

Please accept my loving greetings. I hope you will be fine by God’s grace. Last week I received your letter. I became distraught when I read the news of your father’s ill-health. This is the only reason why you couldn’t reach here on the occasion of Republic Day. I hope that your father will now be in perfectly sound health.

Yesterday whatever I saw in the Republic Day Parade, I am giving a living account of it in this letter. Like every year, this time also there was a huge crowd of spectators. One could witness the pulling and pushing method in the parade. The peace-loving spectators in thousands had left for India Gate at dawn so that they could sit outside India Gate.

At the scheduled time at Vijaya Chowk, His Highness the President of India received salute from the soldiers of the Navy, the Army and the Air force. After this, the school and college students in groups passed before the Salute platform, singing National Anthem. Then the state regiments of soldiers in their unique uniform saluted the President and marched forward. It was followed by well-armored vehicles, cannons, and modern missiles. Then there were cultural and artistic pageantries from twenty-two states. They were so beautiful that our eyes didn’t get tired of looking at them. Of these, the pageantry from Mysore was unequalled as it displayed the industrial progress made by Mysore. This parade covered an area of 5 miles to 30 miles. It arrived at the Red Fort around 120’clock (noon). Most of the people enjoyed the parade telecast on T.V. since they wanted to escape from the crowd. I was also one of them. Please convey my regards to the elders and tender love to the younger ones.

Waiting for a reply to my letter.

Your most intimate friend


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