Write a letter to your friend in connection with the marriage alliance.

Write a letter to your friend in connection with the marriage alliance.

Shyam Kuteer


12 Janauary, …

My dear Sudhakarji

Please accept my loving greetings. More than a year has passed since Kamlesh left my company. My elder sister has been sharing my responsibility in the upbringing of the children until now. Last week her son returned from England. Now he wants to run his business in Mumbai. My sister also wants to go with him. What will happen to children in this condition is a persistent question before me. I am not in a position to give them education by keeping them in a hostel. I don’t want to send them to an orphanage and make them orphans. In such a situation my sister and many friends of mine are insisting on my remarriage.

I also think that the welfare of the children lies in the fact that I should marry a widow or divorced lady who is somewhat well educated and is able to rear the children, taking them to be her own children. She may also help me in my writing work.

In this regard, my sister has hinted at a girl. The children are also fond of her and she too loves them. The most significant thing is that she is also the victim of the cruelties of the society. If an alliance is established between the two, both will be saved from being drowned, and there is also no sin in it.

That girl is Saroj, your sister. Please don’t get angry with me for being so outspoken. After much deep thought, I have written this letter to you immodestly. I wish you to have a talk with Saroj about this subject and then write to me in clear-cut terms. If Saroj is not ready for this alliance, you should not talk about it with anyone else in the future.

I don’t think you had ever thought of it before. Anyhow, when our minds are sinless, it is also not proper to be falsely hesitant about it from the viewpoint of social courtesy as well.

Looking forward to receiving a reply to my letter.

Yours, etc.


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