Write a letter to your friend for a loan.

Write a letter to your friend for a loan.


Greater Kailash,

New Delhi

28 May,…

Dear Friend

Please accept my loving greetings. I hope you will be fine by the grace of God. For the past so many days you have not come to my place. Nor have you sent any welfare letter of yours. What a queer creature you are! You should not be so indifferent to me.

Through this letter, I am troubling you with a special request. Your sister-in-law has been out of sorts for many months. Her doctor suggests to us that we should take her to some hill station for a change of climate for a few days. At this juncture, I am not in a good economic condition. Whatever little I had, has been spent on her treatment. If you are able to arrange five thousand rupees for this, I shall be able to send her either to Mussoorie or Nainital for a few days. I will return this money by the end of the year. Be assured of this. Please send its reply by return of post.

Yours affectionately


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