Write a letter to your friend about a cyclone. Letter Writing for Class 8, 9, 10, 12.

Write a letter to your friend about a cyclone.

P.O. – Contai

Distt. – Purba Medinipur

July 16, 2004

My dear Pradip,

Perhaps you have read in the newspapers that there was a cyclone in the regions of Contain Sub-Division on the 12th instant. It began to drizzle from noon with occasional bursts of wind. People talked among themselves that it was cyclonic weather, but nobody thought that the real thing was so close upon us.

About midnight the cyclone burst into full fury. It seemed Nature had gone mad. We had shut all the doors and windows of our Pucca building; still, we could hear the roar of blasts and the crash of falling trees. Even the doors and windows began to rattle as if by an earthquake.

After raging thus in full fury for about the whole night, the cyclone subsided towards dawn. We went out at once to see the state of things in the village. What met our eyes beggar’s description. About half the Kacha houses had been blown down, the corrugated iron roofs of a few sheds had been torn away from their walls and carried a long distance. Of the trees very few were intact. Thank God, there was no loss of life, but the loss of property was very heavy.

Relief measures were taken hand in hand at once. Those who had lost their dwellings were given shelter in the school building. Dry foods were supplied to the needy; a rich merchant of the locality opened a free kitchen for them. The government also has been giving loans to those who require them. But so great was the damage that it will take a long for many to repair it.

With love, and best wishes,

Yours ever,


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