Write a letter to your father in respect of your program after the examination.

Write a letter to your father in respect of your program after the examination.


25 April, …..

Revered Father

I hope this letter of mine will find you in cheerful spirits and rosy health. Yesterday my examination ended. I have fared well in all my papers and hope to achieve first division

After the declaration of examination results, I intend to be a painter. My intention is never to cloud your dreams. Every father wants his son to be either a doctor or an engineer.

Last year also you had hinted at it. But I could not develop any interest for what you intend me to be although one full year has elapsed. Its reason is that I am deeply inclined towards art. Some months ago, you too had seen my paintings in Painting Exhibition and had even eulogized them with amazement. The same paintings had been sent from school to Educational Fete, arranged by educational authorities. All the spectators had extolled them unrestrainedly. On the Valediction day of the Fete, the Director of Education awarded me with special certificate along with the prize for those paintings. All these factors now oblige me to seek admission in Fine Arts College.

After obtaining a degree in painting, I’ll adopt it as my profession with full dedication. Since times immemorial this art has been the heartthrob of Indians. Even today the Indian Govt. is fully devoted to its advancement.

I’ll have to encounter financial difficulties in the very beginning of my profession. But time will bring with it pelf and prosperity for me. This is what my conviction is. Your blessings will be a full-fledged aid to translate my plan into practical accomplishment. How is Sangeeta?

With kind regards to you and mummy. Looking forward to receiving a reply to my letter.

Yours affectionately


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