Write a letter to your elder brother, mentioning your trip to Rajasthan.

Write a letter to your elder brother, mentioning your trip to Rajasthan.

3183, Kucha Tarachand

Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002

25 May, …

Dear Brother

I hope this letter of mine will find you in sound health and cheerful spirits. Yesterday itself I returned with my classmates from a trip to Rajasthan. It gave me extreme pleasure. This was my very first chance to go on a trip independently. It has fascinated me so much that I have made up my mind to go on a trip to India every time during holidays.

We visited Chittor, Jaipur, Udaipur via Ajmer and many other places. We saw Chittor Pillar, Padmini Palace, sky-touching Jaipur Palace, Jalmahal of Udaipur, Saheliyon ki Badi, and many other buildings of historic fame. They remind us of the ancient pride of India. But the real reflection of Rajasthan life lies in its villages. We went to villages also. We witnessed canals springing from Chambal Dam. The barren and desolate ground and residential areas are now turning into greenery and well-populated regions. New wells have been dug by Jal Board. A new variety of fertilizers is being used in agricultural fields. Here the people are fond of breeding cattle. They make use of milk in an appropriate manner. There is a proper arrangement of dung and garbage. Villages are a token of idealism. The dwellers are of strong character. They think it is their duty to respect others.

One evening I had a good opportunity of going to Panchyat Ghar. Documentary films were being shown there. All children, the old and the young were all very happy to see these films. After the film show was over, Village Pradhan (Head of the Village) told me that very soon they would make gas out of dung. This gas would be used to supply electricity to all villages at very cheap rates. On seeing the tremendous changes in the countryside and people’s self-confidence & optimism, my friends and I felt greatly excited. We felt that the time and money spent on the trip was quite profitable. We could never gain so much knowledge from the reading of books so quickly.

I have purchased wooden toys for Ranjana and a sari for my sister-in-law from Udaipur. After a few days, on reaching home, I shall give them.

With kind regards to parents and you, and love to children.

Your younger brother


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