Write a letter to your daughter after her marriage.

Write a letter to your daughter after her marriage.

Shrey Kutir Delhi

3 August,…

Dear Sangeeta

I hope you will be leading a happy life in your house. After reaching your father-in-law’s house, you didn’t write any letter to me, causing us a little anxiety. We expect you to write us about yourself and the welfare of your family. Nikhil Babu also had promised to write a letter to us, but perhaps he has also forgotten on reaching home. Darling, never take ill of what the members of your family say to you. You should serve your parents-in-law whole-heartedly and never let Prabhat Babu lodge any complaint against you. Shower your love upon your younger sister-in-law like an elder sister. If you win the hearts of all these people by means of your courtesy and sobriety, your house will turn into a paradise. Your life will always be replete with peace and happiness. We should treat at others as we want them to treat us. If your sister-in-law wants to take a thing of your choice and liking, you should let her do so without any hesitation. Though you are intelligent enough to understand all these things yet I am writing all this to make you realize that sacrifice of some sort is necessary to conquer the hearts of others.

I expect you to keep up the same atmosphere there as it is here. If you are able to make the house neat & tidy, its compound blossomed with joy and your friends’ lives joyous with smiles playing on their lips, it means that you have made my teachings meaningful

Since the day you left this place, I find myself besieged by the clouds of despondency. But sometimes when I think that a girl has, after all, to go to her husband’s house, it brings some comfort to me, scattering the clouds of sorrow a little bit. Husband’s house is, in reality, her house. A husband’s happiness is her real happiness. So, my dear daughter, be the ‘Lakshmi’ of your house and make it graceful by your presence. This will be enough to make me feel comfortable.

My child! in the end I am writing one thing more. It is that you should never leave the hem of modesty. This is the only real ornament for a true housewife. You will be able to protect yourself from the evils of life and will become the apple of Nikhil Babu’s eye. Always keep in mind the prestige of your husband. Nothing more to write now.

If you need anything, you can write to me. Shreya and Shruti always think of you. According to your convenience, you should write the date of meeting them. Let me convey your papa’s blessings to both of you and greetings to other members of the family.

Looking forward to receiving a reply to my letter.

Your affectionate mother


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