Write a letter to your beloved sister-in-law in reply to her letter.

Write a letter to your beloved sister-in-law in reply to her letter.


13 June,

My dear Sister-in-law

I hope this letter of mine will find you in cheerful spirits. I received your affectionate letter yesterday and read its contents. Both the child and its mother are in their pink health. I have read out your written message to Vimala. She asks me to write to you that she will carry out your instructions word for word. She wishes you to come here personally to bless the babe. Mamma is taking full care of Vimala. Vimala, of course, had been afflicted with fever for the first two days. The doctor had forbidden her to give her breast milk to the child. Now the poor babe is dependent upon tinned milk.

Vimala always takes an extra care about mother who may not get angry for any reason. You are already familiar with her high temper. She doesn’t allow anybody to speak before her. The child resembles to Nayantara. While lying on his bed, he remembers his great aunt and cousin in his silent language. I am enclosing his small photograph with this letter for Nayantara.

As soon as my elder brother returns home, you and he should visit us at the earliest to bless the babe. Mummy sends her blessings to you and Vimala, her greetings. Love to Nayantara from us. With kind regards to you.

Waiting anxiously for your reply.

Yours affectionately

Arvind Kumar

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