Write a Letter to the S.H.O. on the matter of “Eve-teasing at Bus Stand”.

Write a Letter to the S.H.O. on the matter of “Eve-teasing at Bus Stand”.

9216, Gali Jamir Wali

Nawab Ganj Delhi

16 April,………………



The Station House Officer

Subzi Mandi


Subject: Eve-teasing at Bus Stand


Dear Sir

Yesterday I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus at Burfkhana bus stand to go to school. There were two friends of mine – Rakesh and Sanjeev – who were also standing by me. At the bus stop, some girls were also waiting for the bus. Just then a spoilt boy named Shahid who lives in our neighbourhood arrived there. He stood by them and began to smile at them. The girls moved away from there and stood by us. When Shahid indulged in teasing a girl, she got scared. We knew that last month itself Shahid had been released on bail from prison. So we kept quiet. Touching the skirt of a girl, Shahid used some abusive words. Then I told him either to slip away from there or keep standing quietly. When Shahid tried to beat me, I delivered a blow to his face. His two teeth were broken and he went away, threatening me to take revenge.

You are, therefore, requested to take an appropriate action against Shahid.

Yours faithfully

Chandra Prakash Goyal

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