Write a letter to the Editor regarding the Primary Education. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to the Editor regarding the Primary Education.


Let anyone ask “What is the cause of student indiscipline?” and at once the finger will be pointed at the poor teacher. But is he really to be blamed? The teacher may be one of the minor causes, but there are far bigger causes which have led to undisciplined behaviour by students.

One of them is the faulty planning of our educational system. The center has washed its hands or primary education and has left it to the states which do not have the resources for it.

It is a known fact that our primary schools are in apology for the sort of education an independent nation like ours would wish to have. The average teacher-pupil ratio in these school work one to 60 or more. There are many schools which have just one teacher and in some cases there are five classes in one room. There are still other schools where there is a single teacher for three different classes all working simultaneously. In such circumstances, is it right to blame the poor teacher? And what can you expect of a child who has to go through such sip-shod education?

Another important cause is the syllabus at the primary stage. A young child of five years is burdened with many books and lessons. If a youngster is made to do three hours of homework in addition to the five hours of study in the school, where is the time to play? Physical exercise is an outlet to the fighting instincts of a child and it is through games that these instincts are sublimated. But when a child grows without any such outlet, the result is hooliganism and destruction.

Another important factor is the poor upbringing. Now-a-days the parents shirk their responsibility on the pretext that it is the duty of the school not only to give the child education but also discipline, and good behaviour. They do not realize that the way a child is brought up at home is equally important. Parents generally think in terms of the future earning power of their children and force them to study hard ignoring the extra-curricular and recreational activities.

Yours etc.

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