Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, complaining the inconveniences of a second class railway journey. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, complaining the inconveniences of a second class railway journey.

6, Ram Kutir,

Ram Gali,


January 5, 20X.X.


The Editor,

The Hindustan Times,

New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

You have done a yeoman’s service to the public by writing a series of Editorials criticizing the Railway administration in free India. The bulk of the Railway income comes from the pocket of the second class travelling public yet it is an anomaly that all comforts and amenities of travel go to the first class passengers and all inconveniences to the poor second class passengers. It must change. The second class passengers must get their due.

Last week, I traveled second class from Dehradun to Delhi by the Express Mail. I had the bitterest experience of my life. I reached the platform fifteen minutes before the train was due to start. With my luggage on the head of a robust coolie, I knocked about from door to door along the whole length of the train in search of a seat, but was pushed back everywhere. At last, I managed to get in through a window. The coolie pushed my luggage in through the same window. The engine whistled and the train started.

It was a hell inside the compartment. It was terribly hot and stifling. There was foul smell. The fans were not working. I perspired from head to foot. I was gasping for breath. There was no room to sit. I stood on the floor. I received a number of knocks and blows. My shirt was torn.

The compartment was packed to suffocation. The passengers lay, sat and stood. All sorts of luggage, trunks, beddings and bags were piled up against the doors to prevent all ingress. At the next station, the rush was uncontrollable. People rushed in through the windows. There were blows and counter blows. Children cried and women screamed and shouted. Everybody was for himself. Old men and women with babies in their arms stood huddled together. Inside the compartment, it was like a furnace. Many passengers failed to get into the train. They were rudely pushed back and knocked down on the platform. The same story was repeated at every halting station. I hope, Mr. Editor, you will publish this real experience of a second class passenger.

Yours faithfully,

A sufferer.


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