Write a Letter to Father for Complaining about college. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a Letter to Father for Complaining about college.

My Dear Father,

It is almost three months since I have joined this college but I feel I have added nothing to my knowledge. No because I do not want but because the circumstances do not permit.

The students with whom I have to come into contact daily are hardly a desirable company. Studies do not fall in any category of theirs. There is no discipline in the college.

Co-education is still another nuisance. Boys abuse even in presence of girls and college professors. If at any time principal or professor try to take any action, students threaten them even in the class-rooms. I am not at all habitual of such dirty atmosphere and it is not all at possible for me to stay here anymore.

Hotel is yet another great problem. No light, no fan, riot accommodates and yet costly one. The rooms are very dirty and it appears as if they have never been whitewashed. Mess. Arrangements are worth condemning only. Stuff is much below an average diet and there is absolutely no arrangement for milk. Only cheap and dirty vegetables are cooked. On the other hand, charges are too heavy.

I wish our village could take a college there. But since there is no college in our village and I have to be away from village, it hardly matters whether it is 60 or 600 miles.

Respects to mother and love to Mohit.

Yours loving son,

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