Write a letter to a friend inviting him to spend a Sunday with your family, English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to a friend inviting him to spend a Sunday with your family.

125, Ashok Nagar,


March 10, 1993

My dear Siddharth,

I hope, this finds you and ether members of your family in nice health. You may be aware, my cousin Vikram had arrived from the United Kingdom a couple of days back and he will be staying with us for a fortnight before returning to U.K.

You had met him on his last visit to India two years back and he has expressed a desire to meet you again. I would request you to make yourself free on next Sunday and spend the day with my family. My cousin wants to visit the Salar Jung Museum which remains open on Sunday. It would indeed be a pleasant company if you are with us. We would also like to have our lunch outside in some good restaurant and it would further add to our pleasure if you are with us. I shall be thankful to receive your kind confirmation.

My mother remembers you and has asked me to convey her love to you. Please convey my regards to your respected parents and love to Minu so that all of us may flourish by your continued blessings.

Please do remember me for any service I can do for you at any time in future. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your 85th birthday.

With regards,

Yours lovingly,


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