Write a letter to a friend in your village about your first experience of life in a big city. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to a friend in your village about your first experience of life in a big city.

14, Park Lane,


November 18, 20XX.

My Dear Tarn,

I left village for Hoshiarpur on the 13th of September . I have been here in Hoshiarpur for the last two months. I have seen plenty of city life. In the beginning, I felt enamoured of it but now I am feeling disgusted with it.

There is a lot to see and enjoy. There is no end to amusement and gaiety here. Fashion is endless. Ladies move about the popular shopping centres richly dressed and glamorously made up. I wonder where they get so much money from to spend so lavishly.

There are big shops aid markets. They are full of goods. A brisk sale goes on at all hours of the day. Life is moving fast. Tongas, rickshaws, cars, buses and taxis ply up and down the bazars and roads from morning till evening. The roads are metaled or asphalted.

There are big schools, colleges and public libraries. Hawkers deliver newspapers from door to door. There is no dearth of good medical aid.There are free hospitals for the poor. Postal service is regular and quick. The mail is delivered several times a day.

There are cinemas, theatres and hotels. There is a circus also. You can have a recreation of your taste and choice. There are beautiful gardens, parks, playgrounds and tanks. Life and property are safe.

But the one great drawback of city life is that you cannot get quiet and peace of mind. There is noise and roar and clang of machinery from morning till evening. You cannot sleep peacefully even at night. The atmosphere is smoky and dusty. You cannot get fresh and pure air. All eatables are adulterated. Pure milk is a rare commodity. The people are selfish and materialistic. They are devoid of charity, hospitality and fellow-feelings. The standard of living is high and costly. City life is full of accidents. I am anxious to come back to the village. I yearn for pure and fresh air of the villages.

Hoping you are keeping quite fit and healthy,

Yours sincerely,

Aakash Garg.

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