Write a letter to a friend, describing a match you witnessed recently. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Write a letter to a friend, describing a match you witnessed recently

Clive Street,


January 5, 20XX

My Dear Rakesh,

In this letter, I shall give you a brief account of an interesting hockey match between the D.P.S. College and the B.K. College that I witnessed yesterday.

It was played on the B.K. college grounds. The weather was ideal and the galleries were crowded to suffocation. The D.P’s were in navy blue and yellow and B.K’s in red and green.

The match started at exact 3 p.m. The game was rather dull and slow in the beginning but gradually the players warmed up and it became brisker and more interesting. The B.K’s took the lead and surpassing the defense, took the ball straight into the `D’. The fullbacks played hard and beat off the first attack.

The D.P’s showed excellent individual game while the B.K’s played a combined game. Their chances seemed to be brighter. There was again a smart move by the B.K’s. Their half-back passed the ball clear to the right-half. In a moment, he carried it into the D’ where their center-forward, baffled the back once or twice and then hit the ball clear between the poles. There was a tremendous outburst of cheers from the dense crowds of spectators.

The D.P’s became very lively, quick and thrilling. There were many exciting moments. Once he full-back himself carried the ball and went ahead dodging and outwitting all who came in the way. But as soon as he was about to hit the ball into the ‘ID” the referee gave a ‘stick’.

The match was played in a perfect sportsman spirit. There were no fouls, and no injuries. The decisions of the referee were quick, fair and just. They were appreciated by one and all. The D.P. S’s like good sportsmen congratulated their opponents on their victory.

Hopping you will like the account.

Yours sincerely,

Dev Malhotra.

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