Write a courtesy letter to your mother-in-law.

Write a courtesy letter to your mother-in-law.


16 January, …

Respected Mummy

I hope this letter of mine will find you in sound health and cheerful spirits. I have reached here safe and sound. Papa is now in a better health than before, but he is still very weak. His great yearning of life is to marry off Pramila the very next month. He has lost his self-confidence on account of this incurable disease. Every time he thinks that death stands before him. All the members of the family and even the doctor are trying their best to brush aside this feeling of his. He wants Pramila’s marriage to take place during his life tenure. Only this can give him peace of mind. If you permit, I’ll stay here till the marriage of Pramila. If you find your life inconvenient in my absence, I’ll return home after a week though my parents’ desire is that I should stay with them till Pramila’s marriage. I am knitting Ranjana’s sweater and I hope to send it to you by next week. Kindly inform me about your wish.

Your beloved Anupama keeps you in her memory. She recites to all the ‘Shlokas’ from the Holy Gita which you had helped her to memorise. In a hurry, I have forgotten the jewellery box kept in an attached case on the upper self. You should keep it with you carefully.

Please convey my greetings to all in the house. Your Anupama sends her greetings to you. My parents also send their best regards to you.

With kind regards to you. I am ever ready for any kind of service to you.

Looking forward to receiving a reply to my letter.

Yours obediently


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