Write a courtesy letter to your husband.

Write a courtesy letter to your husband.


18 May, …

My Sweetheart

More than two weeks have elapsed since I came over here. But I received no news from you. What is the matter? You had assured me, before sending me to my father’s house, that every third day I would get your letter. But now more than eighteen days have passed. I have sighted no letter from you. I am, therefore, deeply upset and worried. Kindly send a welfare letter to me at the earliest.

Mother is now somewhat better than before. She can rise up from her bed and walk a little. She is taking medicine in time. She remembers you much. She tells me to write a letter to you so that she may see your face when you come even for a day, otherwise who knows what may happen. I am always anxious about you, thinking about whether you take your food in time or not. Or who will be looking after you? Though only a few days of separation have passed yet I feel as if a generation had passed. These few days appear to be very long duration. Without you, this beautiful place has become dull and boring for me.

Yesterday a newly married couple known to us came to see mother. As I saw them, I had a romantic longing in me. They had come here to enjoy their honeymoon. Mother also persuades me to go for an evening walk. Under the force of circumstances, I sometimes go out, taking with me your younger sister-in-law, Alka. Taking the prop of the railing. I keep standing looking at the swimming ducks and newlywed couples in their colourful dresses enjoying their boating in Nairi Lake. When a cloud sails stealthily and touches my cheeks tenderly, I feel as if it were you. Truly speaking, in the mist of clouds, without you I flounder like a fish thrown out of the water, Butterflies flying around trees and plants, undergrowth and on roads hide themselves in such a way as if they were playing ” hide and seek” game. Then gradually the mist fades and all the things are visible clearly. I wish you to be sighted by me as the cover of mist disappears.

Now I find it extremely difficult to continue using my pen to depict my restlessness. There is a lot to write about. But I have no word – power. You have stolen all my energy. Instead of writing a reply to my letter, you should yourself come in person to retard the tide of my restlessness and enjoy the pleasures of monsoon. My eyes are waiting for you with great yearning.

Mother sends her blessings to you and Alka her greetings to you.

Looking forward to your reply. I am.

The dust of your feet


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