Write a courtesy letter to your husband who is away from you.

Write a courtesy letter to your husband who is away from you.

D 114, Lajpat Nagar

New Delhi

2 August,…

My beloved Husband

I have been waiting for you with my tired eyes. A long duration of six months hangs heavily upon me. The separation from you is unbearable to me. Bid adieu to your romantic longing for ‘Bharat Darshan and return home soon. Your tiny daughter, Kavita spends her whole day, standing in wait for you at the door. Whenever she finds tears in my eyes, she wipes them with her small hands. Sitting on the edge, she points to a certain crow and says, “Mummy, you need not be grief-stricken. Today papa shall come back home from his trip.” Her words come true; but it is your letter that comes, not you. In your place, the postman delivers us your letter full of romantic memories of the journey. I feel happy to learn that you are well. Your heart is lost in the ruins of the remote past and the beauty of Indian places dwells in your eyes. When I read all these things. I pass some time in peace and happiness. But when I find myself all alone and when the currents of frolicsome wind begin to shake my body, your memory torments me. At that time I feel the pangs of my heart. There is a continuous chain of past memories glimmering before my eyes. I keep on turning the pages of magazines. The words printed in them become dismal before my eyes. Only the memory of yours remains with me. Even the days without you seem longer. It is extremely difficult to pass the time. Of course, sometimes I pass with Kavita in amusement. It is your image that is settled firmly even in her tiny mind. In those moments she begins to talk about you and asks me persistently when you’ll return home. At this, I raise my eyes to the void sky and a sort of queer pain arises in my heart. I feel helpless before that innocent child.

Last night I saw a dream. You were standing by my head, caressing my hair. As soon as I felt the warmth of your breath on my face, I sat up in bewilderment. I switched on the light. But you were not to be seen anywhere. Only the tiny, smiling Kavita was lying beside me. Oh, what a strange dream it was at the pre-dawn time! It is said that the dreams of morning time come true. I wish my dream could also be true.

My cruel love! without you, I am not at peace with myself. I have grown sick of giving replies to the questions of your daughter, even the season is so pleasant. I solicit only your presence in a reply to my letter.

With kind regards from Kavita

Your feet-dust


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