Write a courtesy letter to your elder sister.

Write a courtesy letter to your elder sister.


3 January, …….

My dear Sister

I hope this letter of mine will find you in rosy health and cheerful spirits. Yesterday I received your letter full of complaints. Your complaint that I did not write any letter to you is quite just and I seek your pardon for that. Didi! The reason is lack of time. I find myself entangled in the cobwebs of self-study and family life. A lot of time is consumed by cooking food and other items of household work and a little remaining time by self-study. When my husband returns from his office, I have to take care of him. The fact is that my life is reduced to a machine which begins to work as soon as it is switched on.

Anyhow, let me not bother you about all this. With great difficulty, I got time to write a letter to you and then I started mentioning my problems of life to you. Now tell me how you are getting on with your life. I hope that my brother-in-law and the children are quite well. Soon after their examination, Didi, you should send both the children to Delhi at least for a few days, I will take them with me for “Delhi Darshan”. With kind regards to you. Kindly convey my greetings to the brother-in-law and tender love to the children.

Waiting for a reply to my letter.

Your affectionate sister


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