Write a con solitary letter to your friend, Savita on the death of her mother.

Write a con solitary letter to your friend, Savita on the death of her mother.

New Delhi

16 August

Dear Savita

Please accept my loving greetings. Yesterday I learnt from Urmi about the sad demise of your mother and this grieved me a lot. How did she become the victim of this sudden calamity at the time when she was in sound health? I find it difficult to bring myself to believe that a generous lady like her is no more in our midst. But everyone has bowed his head before death which is a bitter truth. Even the virtuous men, the stoics, the benevolent, the munificent, and the giant have not been able to save themselves from the clutches of death.

Nobody else can be a true companion in weal & woe for a daughter except her mother. You will constantly be haunted by her memory. Even then you will have to keep courage & forbearance. Your father must have felt pained on seeing tears in your eyes. Now don’t give him such an occasion in the future. The responsibility of looking after him now falls on your shoulder in the absence of your mother. Take good care of his health.

Dear friend! Lord Krishna has beautifully said in the Gita, Those who are born are bound to die, and those who have died are bound to be born in future.’ This body is a mortal coil. You should, therefore, take care of your father and younger brothers & sisters. It is your responsibility to do so. It was my ardent desire to have been with you and share your responsibility in your adversity, but I am so much bound by my duties towards the home that I don’t get a chance to come out of them. I am wearing the fetters of helplessness on my feet caused by the ill-health of your brother-in-law. But mentally I am with you. Write to me without any hesitation about anything you need. Write also about the studies of Arvind.

Try your best to give strength and courage to your papa. In fact, her death is like a thunderstorm fallen upon him. In this age of his, his life companion has bidden him goodbye. This is an unbearable loss for an aged person. There is nothing more to write about. You are wise enough to understand things.

Looking forward to receiving a reply to my letter.

Your loving friend


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