Who was the First Woman Photographer? General Knowledge for Kids and Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 Examinations

Who was the First Woman Photographer?

The first WOMAN PHOTOGRAPHER was the Parisian daguerreotypist Antoinette de Correvont, who opened a portrait studio at Munich in 1843.

In Britain it was Mrs Ann Cook, who established a portrait studio at 6 George Street, Hull in 1845. Her charges were 17 s for a small portrait and 35 s for a large one. There was only one woman photographer noted in the 1851 Census and she was a Miss Wigley of 108 Fleet Street, so presumably Mrs Cook had given up professional photography by this date. During the ensuring ten years photography began to attract an increasing number of female practitioners, the Census of 1861 enumerating 204 women photographers, a figure that represented about 8 per cent of the whole profession.

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